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12th-Apr-2016 10:46 pm
[p&r] leslie pawnee goddess
So, get this: you already know about my fibroid friends (I've tentatively named them Hercules Mulligan, because they're on the inside), but guess who may or may not ALSO have a hernia? Gee, I love being in my mid-thirties!

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a sort of medium-sized, soft bump under the skin on one side of my abdomen, just above the belly button. I emailed my doctor about it, expecting her to say it was no big deal, or I should just wait and see what happens. Nope! She said it might be a hernia, and I should come in for a visit. I went in yesterday and she basically said HMMM, I do not know what that is! It's not textbook hernia, but it still could be; it could also just be a lipoma (a benign tumor made of fat, yay). I'm meeting with a surgeon on Thursday to see what he thinks. Which is different from my OTHER appointment with a DIFFERENT surgeon next week (for the fibroids). The big question is, if it's a hernia and they decide to repair it, could I do two-for-one surgery and take care of both? In the mean time: I'm fine, I'm not in any pain, everything's asymptomatic. But y'all, I did not expect 35 to be the year my body began to betray me in all these small and mostly boring ways.

Dating-wise, I broke up with Chai and am pretty sure that was the right choice; he was so sweet, but we ran out of stuff to say. I have a date with someone else this coming Saturday, and it'll be interesting to see how it goes: he's extremely cute and his profile is spot-on (basically normal, articulate but not pretentious, funny but not Too Much), but so far, over text, he's kind of killing me. First, when we were messaging through the app, he was pretty slow to respond—just when I'd think he'd lost interest and bailed, he'd finally write me back. This is a giant joke on me, because I'm usually the one at risk of disappearing at any moment, so fine. Then Coffee Meets Bagel only gives you a week to message before they cut you off (the idea being that you should have met up by then); when I saw that we were running out of time and he hadn't written back in a couple of days, I sent a note to say "hey, I see that we're running out of time, I think you seem cool and I don't want to lose touch, here's my number." He texted me that night, and...it was not great. THE SMALL TALK, YOU GUYS. However, we did finally make a date for this coming Saturday (he had friends in town this past weekend), and I do want to see it through, because I actually do want to meet the guy in his profile. So. Is he awkward over text but a delight in person, as I suspect and also hope with my whole heart? Or did he pay someone to write him a low-key cute profile, and he's actually a boring monster? Saturday will tell, and I will almost certainly report back.

Last but not least, I am mourning the ending of The People vs. OJ Simpson, which I loved very much and which also turned out to be a source of a delightful amount of shipping (a thing I found myself Googling mid-series: "are marcia clark and christopher darden married now"), and this weekend I watched S2 of Catastrophe on Amazon, which I found more difficult than S1, but still extremely excellent. You all should watch both so we can talk about them! I have no idea where OJ is available, but both seasons of Catastrophe are streaming on Amazon, and they are very short (six 25-minute episodes each) and very wonderful. And Kimmy Schmidt comes back this Friday, which I guess means I should watch all of S1 over again before then? I think that's what that means. WHO NEEDS SLEEP/WORK/FOOD/FRIENDS/DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENTS.
13th-Apr-2016 02:21 pm (UTC)
Aw, I really hope this new boy is more delightful in person than his small-talk-through-text abilities would indicate. Here's hoping!

We just finished OJ last night. I think technically I only googled "marcia clark christopher darden", but still, same. Such a great show! I guess I was in 6th-7th grade through much of the real trial; I remember watching the Bronco chase live, but I remember zero about the televised trial. So obviously I was "spoiled" for the outcome, but a significant portion of the details was totally new to me. What do you honestly think about whether he did it, after watching this show? The way Cuba Gooding Jr. portrayed him, I almost feel like he was too dumb to have pulled it off... but even with all the physical evidence, to me the most compelling reason to think he's guilty is that he didn't ask how she died. I know that doesn't prove anything, but think about it: if someone told you a close loved one (or honestly, even an acquaintance) died, the *first* thing you'd say, just on instinct, without evening thinking about it, would be, "What happened?" I keep coming back to that.

I've been watching Season 1 of Kimmy Schmidt but am only five or so episodes in. I... like it but don't love it yet. It obviously ticks all my 30 Rock boxes, but it's almost *too* silly and over the top. I think the difference is that in 30 Rock, Liz was mostly normal but just surrounded by crazy characters; Kimmy is a little hard to swallow as a protagonist because she's also so off the wall. There's literally not one normal character in the whole show, which just makes it seem like total chaos. But I'm only a few episodes in, like I said, so let me finish and then see what I think!
17th-Apr-2016 06:29 pm (UTC)
I do think he did it, or possibly that someone very close to him did it (apparently the leading alternative theory is that his son did it, which I would also maybe buy). There's just so much evidence against him! But at the same time, I thought the series was so eye-opening about that—like, to what degree is my belief that he did it linked to the fact that I'm white?

Kimmy Schmidt! I loved the first season, but I agree that it's maybe not for everybody. I'm a few episodes into S2 and it's not setting my world on fire, but I hear it gets better after the third episode, which I'm looking forward to. I do think Ellie Kemper is terrific, and I love love love Titus Burgess, and I'm so thrilled that this show has been such a good thing for him.
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