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14th-Jan-2011 12:19 pm - L.A. Stories
[to] kelly for reals (pilot101)
Okay, new theory: if it's Friday, and it's seventy degrees and sunny, and you're hungry, and you haven't messed anything up all morning, and you're an intern and you're not getting paid anyway, you should get to go home early. Right? Who's with me?

This sounds like the opposite of what I meant to say here, which is that this internship is turning out to be a good one. I've been here a lot lately--I worked full-time last week while Junior Exec was out of the country, plus my regular schedule this week--and I think Senior Exec, Ms. Blinds-At-Ninety-Degrees herself, likes me. (Though she got, I assume for Christmas, this cat clock that meows every hour on the hour--and the disembodied meow sounds like the distant crying of some angry, pitiful ghost baby. This is the last time I buy something just because it's furry, etc.) Anyway, I do a lot more reading and writing and opinion-giving than I do admin work, and I mostly keep my cool on the phones, and it's nice to be in a place that generally respects my time and my status as a person, if not my need for an income. Not bad, for Hollywood.

(P.S. Cute Guy From Downstairs, WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE ALL THE TIME? This whole "neat but slightly disheveled" look is KILLING me. Also the way you stopped by to tell me about a random NPR story you heard about Germany, complete with German accent that was actually maybe Russian? AAAAAAGH.)

In other news, raise your hand if you never expected to be thirty and studying for the SAT?

I'm mid-training for my Princeton Review job, which included actually taking the test (they haven't called yet to say "Hey, you failed the SAT," so I'm chalking that up to victory, and don't think I didn't have to study for the equivalent of a ninth-grade math test) and which culminates this weekend in sixteen hours of live teacher training--essentially, teaching the SAT to my fellow trainees. The good news here is that, if I pass, they'll pay me! Which is great, because I'm on my last pair of contacts and my car is doing this thing where it randomly thinks I'm driving down the freeway with the door open, which, of course, is not obnoxious at all.

But! In the middle of all this, my roommate and I declared this week January Fun Week. And thank goodness for that.Collapse )

Oh, there goes the cat clock. Must be lunchtime.
[bones] peptalk (iconizethis)
Happy New Year, flist!

2010 in ReviewCollapse )

Gosh, 2011. You just...sneaked right up here, didn't you? Bless your heart.

I feel ready for 2010 to be over, but 2011 feels like another thing entirely--vaguer, scarier, but also more full of potential for awesomeness. Even more than last year, as in "after moving cross-country without a job," I don't know. Like, anything. I know I'm moving at the end of January, but I don't know where to. I know my internship is two-thirds up, but I don't know what's next. I know I plan to stay in LA for awhile, but I don't know what that means. On the other hand, there's some exciting (and specific) stuff I've been saving for after the New Year--mostly things involving my LA life, like joining my radio station (free tickets!) and finding a real church and trying to meet some of the random industry folks that people around me seem to know (i.e., "...well, my cousin's college roommate's brother made this movie, so maybe you two should meet!"). I took 2010 off from dating, and I've decided that that's got to end. My life to-do list is a mile long these days, and...I just want things to be better in twelve months than they are now, I guess, which I suppose isn't specific to me or to 2011. But it's true.

Here's to 2011, people. Let's make it a good one.
24th-Dec-2010 11:02 pm - Prepare to be heartwarmed
[gg] gilmores movie night (trutdelamode)
Well, I'm full of Christmas carols and Chinese food and I think I have carpal Wii syndrome now, so...it must be Christmas Eve?

The question remains: whether I should go to bed early so my dad doesn't have to try and outlast me. He still likes to deliver our stuffed stockings while we sleep, because he is adorable and likes traditions. That said, I'd kiiiinda like to stay up and watch some TV, so. Santa wouldn't mind, right? Santa likes The Big Bang Theory.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you--may it be a warm and joyful holiday!
23rd-Dec-2010 04:22 pm - She saved the world a lot
[p&r] leslie pawnee goddess
Buffy S5Collapse )

I'm gonna go make Christmas cookies. Priorities!
[bones] brennan pretty awkward
Welcome to the Christmas Break of Germs and Pestilence, Westlake Village Edition! I'm off work until after New Year's, which is great news--not only is LA having Stormwatch!, aka "rain," but my roommates and I have been passing around a fairly convincing cold. It's a good time for hanging out by the fire, watching movies, napping, and having talking like this contests, which is exactly what we've been doing all weekend.

In other news:

Ta da! I went to Vegas! It was fine--I was there less than twenty-four hours and couldn't bring myself to bet more than twenty-five cents on any particular game, so it's not like I was living the high life, but it was good to wander around with my college BFF and her husband. I'm considering it a fact-finding mission: Bellagio fountains, Ocean's 11 references, Paris Las Vegas was cool but would be better without all the cheesy slot machines, etc. I think my favorite part was the lion habitat at the MGM Grand, because KITTIES! (I MISS MY CAT, OMG.) I'd go again, with the right people and the right game plan. However, note to self: next time, fly.

Last Tuesday, my roommate and I went to The Civil Wars' show at the Hotel Cafe, which was...I don't know, you guys, but maybe one of my favorite live shows of all time? It was everything I love: a tiny pretty venue and some fantastic moody bluegrassy music; their cover of "Billie Jean" ALONE, people. After, we headed across the street to Umami Burger, the hot young LA place to get a burger (because we are hot young LA girls, obvs.), which was admittedly amazing (medium-rare, shitake mushrooms, caramelized onions, an oven-dried tomato, a "parmesan crisp," and house-made ketchup--because it's umami, get it?). Dammit, pretentiousness! Why do you have to be so tasty?

(Incidentally, this is why I sense I could love LA. Good music, good food, good friends.)

You guys, nobody in my house had seen White Christmas until last week. It's okay, though: the situation has been remedied, and it is just as funny and great as it ever was, though I think my therapist roommate had a hard time seeing anything beside Vera Ellen's obvious eating disorder. I just think I need a red satin dress with white fur trim. Don't you?

Bones: The Doctor in the PhotoCollapse )

And oh, wow, how much did I love this week's Big Bang? I dunno, guys, I just think Dumb Zach is hilarious, and I love how bad Leonard and Penny are at being broken up, and I don't really get tired of the foam-abs gag. Also, I KNEW there was a reason I can never keep all the green super heroes straight: not only is there Lantern (Ryan Reynolds!) and Hornet (Seth Rogen?!), but I always forget about Arrow! No WONDER I'm hazy on this.

I gotta go to bed, people. My life is HARD, and I need my beauty sleep.
12th-Dec-2010 11:29 pm - Holiday love + Fun Week
[p&r] april andy hi-five (lilies_pad)

Guess what? It's December Fun Week! Fun Week begins tomorrow with the world's quickest trip to Vegas--overnight, just to visit my college BFF and her husband, but I got a $45 room at New York New York and have grand plans for wandering and possibly a sanctioned $10 gambling allowance. Then it's back to LA for a Civil Wars show at the Hotel Cafe and a couple of holiday parties over the weekend! Life is great.

Aaaaand today was 12 of 12.

And I might have more things to say--like, heyyy, Bones!--but for now there is just Christmas Leverage before bed. I have my priorities!

Adieu, friends.

4th-Dec-2010 10:16 pm - Bullet points
[30r] night cheese (ellington_sneak)
Hello, internet!

- The truth is that I have been ignoring you. Mostly because I've been completely unproductive with my life...by which I mean watching The Big Bang Theory. I don't know.

- Big BangCollapse )

- Oh! But I got a job! As of January, I'm teaching SAT prep courses for the Princeton Review--which is perfect, in the sense of paying relatively well and yet having ridiculously flexible hours and locations depending on what other jobs I might or might not have. Hooray for jobs for the uncertain!

- We bought and decorated an eight-foot Christmas tree today, and it is perfect:

- I let my roommate cut my bangs this morning. The jury is still out on this. The question is: If I need touch-ups/even-outs, do I let her do them?

- OH GOSH I just watched the promo for this week's Bones. UM!!!!!

- Mean Girls is on. There is literally nothing I will not love about this movie for all eternity, in case you were wondering.
[chuck] sarah chuck (sunshine_song)
Elljay! You're baaaaack! Let's sing Kum Ba Ya or something!

I don't know, flist. My LJ was stuck in some kind of non-functioning space earlier this week, where all LJ-related pages loaded for a moment and then got stuck involuntarily loading some kind of ad? Which I'm not even supposed to have, because I give them money once a year? But: blank pages all around. Either the help request I submitted yesterday (from my phone) worked, or my corner of the internet un-broke itself...which is all I really wanted in the first place.


- I did 12 of 12 last week. Ancient history now, but.

- Aaaaand I think I popped my bed: I've been sleeping on one of those double-tall air mattresses, which has so far been surprising in the arenas of both comfort and reliability...except for this morning, when I woke up at four a.m. to some serious squishiness and my feet six inches higher than my head. I moved to the couch downstairs, and it's only three nights until I go home for Thanksgiving anyway, but boo. (The internet, however, is rife with suggestions on finding the hole using soapy water, and repairing it with either glue and duct tape or an actual repair kit. Fingers crossed!)

- I went to another Big Bang taping last night, and now I think this is the part where I say FINE, INTERNET, YOU WERE RIGHT. IT IS GREAT. I feel like four seasons of this show is basically a primer in spot-on joke writing--funny how the joke style is so different from, say, 30 Rock or Modern Family, in a classic, old-fashioned sort of way. Excellent. Corollary question: Do we think the style of joke-craft necessarily changes with the switch between single-camera comedy and multi-camera, or is that coincidence?

(P.S. I completely failed to put Bill Prady together with Gilmore Girls, though I recognized the name--IMDB tells me he wrote for S5, including primary credit on "Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too" and "How Many Kropogs To Cape Cod?", the combination of which is kind of a mixed bag. I don't know what to think of all of this.)

- Have we talked about how much I loved Chuck vs. the Fear of Death?Collapse )

- My mom has tasked me with bringing a dessert to Thanksgiving--whatever I want!--and it's the first time I've been asked/allowed to cook for the extended fam! I'm beyond excited, and have no idea what I'll bring (pumpkin and apple pies are already taken care of). I was thinking, however, of making bonus fleur de sel caramels to bring along, mostly because I've been dying to make fleur de sel caramels.

- And last, chipping away at The Meme:

Day 28 - First TV show obsession

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

I do think one might make a case that my fannish history began with the womb Maria and Luis getting married on Sesame Street, but Lois and Clark was the first show I understood in true fannish terms. This was mostly pre-internet--to me, anyway, and thank your lucky stars, world--but I hung on its every word, and I'm pretty sure my parents still have VHS tapes labeled DNTO (DO NOT TAPE OVER)!!!!!!!! from my eighth-grade year. "Who's asking...Clark, or Superman?" pretty much blew my mind.

Interestingly, L&C is also one of the few shows I've ever walked away from mid-run--I'm a stick-with-it kind of viewer (let's face it: I watched Alias to the end), but I have clear memories of quitting as soon as the Lois-eats-tree-frogs storyline kicked off. I know sarita_m will never forgive me, but even now, I tell myself, "....good choice."

Etc.Collapse )
[p&r] leslie pawnee goddess
Lovely, lazy Sunday. Church, homemade pumpkin donuts (PSA: deep-frying is gross and surprisingly hard), Post-Church Cheese gathering with roommate Kendra and midtownmandy and rotatingpies. Glee special features. The Fall with roommate Katie. Hanging out by the fake (but convincingly blazing) fireplace. I'm even too lazy to knit.

Meanwhile, in memeland...

Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale

The overall winner for this category has got to be Alias--no other show, even other JJ shows (ahem, Lost), has generated the kind of feverish summertime theorizing that Alias did in its prime. Being late to the Alias party, I only experienced the last two finales in real time; hence the two-part answer.

1. Season 2, "The Telling"

It's one of my greatest fandom regrets that I wasn't around for this in real time; I didn't pick up the show until after S3, and was well and truly spoiled by the time Sydney woke up in an alley in Hong Kong with two missing years. Still, I think it's one of the best and most frustrating finale moments of all time. I just wish I'd been there.

2. Season 4, "Before the Flood"

"...my name's not Michael Vaughn." CRASH!

I love it, everything about it--the one-two punch of the emotional and the physical, the cinematography of the crash, the way I'll never quite hear "Lay, Lady, Lay" the same way again. It's definitely on the downhill slide of Alias, but it's a damn good closing moment.

Etc.Collapse )

P.S. Let the record reflect that I am ridiculously, disproportionately excited about The Rocky Horror Glee Show. I sense greatness in the offing.
[p&r] leslie pawnee goddess
So, it's about that time!

Tomorrow's moving day--the car's mostly packed (voila, 12 of 12), the iPod's loaded up with new podcasts for the drive, and all I can say is that my twenty-five-year-old self would definitely not have believed this. I'm thrilled and terrified--afraid to leave but ready to go--which, is there a word for this? There must be. Surely I am not the only one who gets this way, going to bed in an empty bedroom.

The hard part is leaving my friends again, when I feel like I just got here--but at the same time, I think the time I've had with them this year has been extra-sweet, and they've been nothing but supportive (possibly due to the threat of beatings at the hands of captainoz, who is endearingly determined in her encouragement). I'm also leaving Sherlock with my parents, due to a severely allergic roommate and much to my sorrow--but it's only for three months, including time at home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and possibly the sing-along Sound of Music that I really want to go to, after which my roommates are breaking up anyway and I'll find someplace cat-friendly. Sigh. Now who will try to lick live spiders off the wall?

The best part, though--well, how would I know? However: I have an awesome internship (actually, maybe two: I have an interview on Monday) and three fun roommates...and momentum. (Also a house with a pool. Swimming pools! Movie stars!) And that, I can get behind.

In any case, that's the beauty of L.A.: only two Fresh Airs, two This American Lifes, and a Radio Lab (also accepted: Car Talk), and you're there, or back! Piece of cake.

See you on the flip side.
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